Let These Amazing Time-lapses Take You Through The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

The world's most famous endurance race, 9,621 photos and 5 beers. Apparently, that is all you need to produce an amazing Le Mans 2014 time-lapse.

As you probably remember, Travis and I had a blast at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans thanks to Audi and the fact that it's the best race in the whole damn universe. But while VIP passes hanging on our necks gave us the best views and lots of beer, photographer DC Chavez wasn't that lucky.

Mainly because his media credentials got messed up somewhere in the system, leaving him without a vest and therefore no access to the opportune spots on the track. Still, with a motion-controlled time-lapse, he managed to shoot 9,621 images to end up with this beautiful video:

Looks like five very well deserved beers to me...

Hat tip to DC Chavez!

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Nice work DC Chavez. I see by the pic of a Norton Hornet (Nissan Altima V8SC) you have done some work in the land of the Long Week-end (That's Oz in case you were wondering...)?

Or maybe that was the COTA?