What Car Was There Never Enough Of?

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Someone pissed off Dodge President Tim Kuniskis last week by asking about a rumor that that only 1,200 Challenger Hellcats would be produced. So we're getting more, that's fine. But what other cars should we have gotten more of?


Automakers have to make the business case to produce certain models that don't appeal to the masses, whether they be variants of base models with more powerful engines or vehicles that would be otherwise impractical (or more expensive) to the common consumer. So some editions are capped off at certain volumes.

I know GM had crappy output in the '80s and this is far from the best example of what they were capable of, but dammit I love the Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2. Nobody bought these, so GM stopped making them. They didn't even give it a chance!


Show us some other examples, please!

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i will nominate the 89-94 thunderbird SC. it had a great platform and a strong supercharged v6, 5speed, two mode sport suspension, etc. just did not sell enough of them. and they are mostly forgotten. they have their fair share of ford problems though. but always wanted one.