Who hasn't watched Top Gear and wanted to have a go for themselves on their test track? With every Star in a Reasonably Priced Car you probably wanted to know if you were faster than that week's guest. Well now you can, for a price.

The Top Gear Track Experience offers various driving packages for those who want to trash around the famous circuit at Dunsfold. You can drive two hot laps the Reasonably Priced Kia C'eed after learning the track in Forza 5 for $295 (£175), or take an Ariel Atom out on a "special handling course" for $228 (£135), or get driven by the Stig himself (itself?) for $167 (£99).


Their website features many other driving "experiences" and discount packages if you combine multiple experiences. They're not exactly cheap, considering how short the each experience is, but there's only one Top Gear (UK) test track in the world and it's very cool they're opening it to the general public.

I can imagine that the track will get booked up very quickly.

Top Photo Credit: BBC America

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