Watch A GT-R Smash Into A Flock Of Seagulls (Not The Band) At 160MPH

I know in certain beach communities, we're quite popular with the seagull population, which is why I'm issuing this warning: I think some seagulls get hurt or possibly killed in this video. That GT-R is hauling a significant amount of metric ass when it impacts that seagull flock, and the results aren't great.

Well, not great for a few of the seagulls. I think the GT-R was fine. Nissan should be playing up their cars' seagull-impact resistance more in there ads, right?


Mostly, though I kind of feel bad about the ignominious end those seagulls were given. That track worker could have at least pretended to give a tiny shit when he flung and kicked away those dead seagulls, right?

Is that too much to ask, on behalf of our feathered, dumpster-diving readers?

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