The Best Cars Of The Pebble Beach Auction

Gooding & Company is holding an auction this weekend at Pebble Beach which gives car geeks like us to talk about cool old cars, so let's talk about our favorites. I'll start with three of mine.

I never understood the original LP400 Countach until I saw one at this year's Greenwich Concours D'Elegance and I got it immediately. From just looking at pictures I always liked the Quattrovalvole Countach for its iconic '80s excess, but the OG Countach is so much better in person.


It's impossibly low and very angular, but the clean lines are what make it. The "Periscopia" is easily one of the most striking cars I've ever seen.

I can't not include a Porsche in this post, so how about this one? A 1968 911 T/R. According to a post from Classic Driver the T/R is a 911T with some of the parts from the 911R homologated by Porsche for privateers. Only 35 were made and this particular one was driven by rally-driver Herbert Linge.


Also, is there a more perfect paint scheme for an early 911 than this? Fantastic.


My final pick is this lovely 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, and yes, I know I picked the cat-eye version. It's an unpopular opinion but I actually really love this particular version because I think it's so amazing that someone decided to stick such a stereotypically '60s design cue on an otherwise timeless Pinninfarina body.

My favorite Ferrari's are actually the big V12 four seaters and the 330 GT 2+2 is one of the very best.


Well enough of what I like, I'm interested in what you're into! Post a link to the car's page and tell me why you think it's the best.

All Photo Credits: Gooding & Company

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