Honda Built The Best Race Hauler Ever

Well, okay, so the trailer itself is nothing special apart from the racing livery, but being towed by a BTCC wagon with a side pipe makes all the difference.

Trailering (or Caravaning as they'd call it in the U.K.) might not be the fastest or most comfortable way of traveling around the country, but Honda Yuasa Racing teammates Gordon Shedden and Matt Neal decided their rather rapid wagon deserves a chance to prove its versatility on their way to the next race in Snetterton.


Since the car obviously didn't have satellite navigation, the pair could argue about the other person's map-reading skills while looking for the ideal stops for picnics, barbecues and a bit of mountain-biking.


I guess that's the British way of having fun in the countryside, although I would recommend leaving your fireproof racing suits at home when packing for the holidays...

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