Honda Wagon Race Car Instantly Becomes Everyone's Favorite Race Car

Honda is taking a wagon racing. Everyone in the world now loves Honda.

The Honda Civic Tourer will be in the British Touring Car Championship next year, apparently because Honda wants a challenge in the series after winning the last four championships in a row. The Civic wagon will have the 2.0 liter powerplant with 300 horsepower. Honda says there is "no compromise" from the regular hatch.


Does this mean there's a Type R Wagon on the way? Maybe? Probably? Probably not? Who cares. A WAGON IS RACING.

Of course, the last famous racing wagon was the Volvo 850R that ran in the BTCC. It was wonderful, and this will be wonderful too. It's the day after Thanksgiving, but Honda has given us a gift to be eternally thankful for.

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