Not long ago, Car Buying's Tavarish showed you how to make an Audi sedan sound just as awesome as a Lamborghini. I have no shame in admitting that I lack both the time and the skills to do that conversion. So if you are like me and want a bad-ass, ear-splitting, luxo-barge you can buy this one.

As probably you already know this 2008 S8 comes with a 5.2 liter V10. What you may not know is this car has the Audi Exclusive Package making it only 1 of 11 cars that came to the US. In addition to the Valcona red leather, Bang & Olfusen stereo, and legendary AWD, the car has some other "tasteful mods" such as: various powder coating , protective clear bra all around, Valentine 1 + Laser interceptors, and the famous Meisterschaft valve controlled exhaust that you can switch between loud & quiet.

In case you need a reminder of what it will sound like...crank up the volume, and hide your children -

Now all this fury is not going to come cheap, the current bid on this car is $27,000 and it has a buy-it-now price of $50,000. But there is less than a day left and no reserve so this could be your chance to fulfill your Lambo V10 fantasies but still be able to carry your family around.



I always thought the Audi S8 was an under appreciated large sedan. You don't see many of them compared to the S-class or the 7-series. Which is a shame, because they are quite handsome and are really great sleepers. This example is not a great sleeper because you will hear it coming from several miles away. But I guarantee that you will shock onlookers when you roll up in a stately, four-ringed, four-door rather than some obnoxious "look at me!" exotic.

(H/T to jkm7680)


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