When you think "great driving roads" you probably think of European roads like mountain passes in the Alps, or the scenic roads of Majorca, or even America's own Tail off the Dragon. South Africa probably doesn't spring to mind, but perhaps it should.


/DRIVE's JF Musial took a BMW M235i to explore what that country had to offer in the way of driving pleasure. What he found there was like a "mixture of Switzerland with Arizona" with its beautiful mountains in the desert. It's quite an incredible country, rather unlike anywhere else in the world, with incredible views and a variety of climates.

Perhaps the most similar place to South Africa, at least when it comes to driving, is California since it also covers a wide range of climates and vistas in a relatively small space. There aren't really many other places in the world with such great natural breadth as those two.

South Africa should certainly be mentioned when us car guys get together and talk about the best roads in the world. It's one of the most dramatic places on earth and that makes for some fantastic driving.

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