Dealership That "Thrashed" Customer's Mustang Offers To Buy It Back

Last week YouTube user MacAbuzer posted a video and claimed that the local Ford dealership caused damage to his Mustang. At first the dealership responded with a justification of their actions, it now appears they made an offer to buy the car back.

In case you missed the first two chapters of this story here is a quick recap. The owner of the Mustang describes the problem he is having with the engine and alleges the dealership damaged his car in the video.

I had a small knock from the top of my engine, maybe carbon build up. The mechanic, instead of treating with chemicals(protocol), decided that it would be easier to run my car in first gear for 5 miles at redline. He discusses with another mechanic in the car how he would like to either fix it or blow it up. My expensive Shelby CS1 wheels were damaged along with the transmission during the time they had my car. There was rubber down the sides of my car and 80+ miles on my car from when the camera was shut off by the shop foreman.


The dealership responded on Facebook-

...Although the customer's vehicle was fixed by driving at a high RPM, our dealership does not condone the language or the specific method used to solve the issue. I shook the customers hand and thanked him for bringing this to my attention. The technicians involved were dealt with, and the customer asked for some unrelated goodwill. We gave him four wheels and tires, free flushes and services, he took down the video, and we considered the matter closed. Neither the customer nor Ford was ever charged a dime. Commenters with technical knowledge have noted that the rev limiter on the car never went off, so the claim that we " blew up" his car was merely sensationalism, aimed at getting the video to go viral.

Yesterday several of our readers informed us that the above message was taken down and replaced with this offer-

"To the customer on the video, we sincerely apologize, we would like to extend you the offer of purchasing your car at retail price, allowing you to keep the aftermarket parts."

-David Menten

There is no word as of now as to whether or not the owner of the Mustang has accepted the offer from Sawgrass Ford.


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