How Does The Last Jaguar XK Stack Up To The F-Type?

The Jaguar F-Type is an absolutely wonderful car and is a sign of more great things to come from the people at Jaguar. With it's arrival we also see the departure of the old XK, which probably was never the greatest thing on the road but still rather charming.


The latest video from Autocar pits the F-Type Coupe R against the XK Dynamic R, a detuned version of the XK R-S that marks the end of the XK's production run. Can the the XK still teach it's younger sibling some new tricks?

Not really. The XK somewhat pales in comparison to the lighter, more sporty F-Type, though it's more calm nature is noted. The newer car serves to show how much Jaguar has improved in such a short amount of time.

Still though, there is something about the XK. Perhaps it will be remembered as a relic of the old Jaguar. The end of an era.

I never really thought much of the XK, but I'm a little sad to see it go. Jaguar apparently won't replace it as they need to focus their attentions on the 3-Series fighting XE and the inevitable SUV. So long, XK.


Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

The F-Type should honestly be called the XK-F, like how the E-Type and D-Type were XK-E's and XK-D's.