If you're more interested in weekend track days than gentlemen racing, McLaren has just the tool for you. It's the 650S Sprint, and it takes all the great bits from its GT3 sibling, and pares it down to just the right amount of nutty.

The same carbon fiber chassis is underneath, as is the twin-turbo'd 3.8-liter V8 pushing power to the rear wheels. The intakes have been reformed, and both the engine and transmission get remapped ECUs for track duty.

The GT3's fuel tank/pouch comes along for the ride, plus a revised radiator, tweaked front bumper and rear wing. Nineteen-inch center lock wheels are also included, and you can option up for a lightweight windshield and an aero pack with a new rear wing and front splitter.

Inside, the Sprint's been stripped to the bare essentials, showing off lots of carbon fiber and alcantara, along with an FIA-approved cage, six-point harnesses, and a HANS-ready carbon fiber racing bucket. Oh, and air conditioning is standard, so the Sprint can be driven, says McLaren, "without losing any of the refinement and balance found in the road car." Also, it gets damn hot on track days.

Pricing is set at £198,000, but if you were hoping to drive it to the track, you're out of luck – the Sprint's not street legal, so you'll have to trailer it in and drive your plain-Jane 650S to Donington.