With improved cooling and aero, more comfort for the driver and the option for existing 12C GT3 owners to upgrade to the new technology, the 650S GT3 shall be at a race track near you very soon. And it could be winning.

While the 650S has roughly the same horsepower figure as the 12C GT3 it replaces (500), its cooling was improved through larger intakes in the front bumper and re-profiled side intakes. McLaren also relocated the gearbox oil cooler into those larger side intakes, improving drag in the process.


The GT3's track got 52 mm wider as well, while the front suspension allows the fitment of the latest generation larger diameter Pirelli P Zeros. New wheels hide new brakes with six-piston calipers on the front and four-piston on the rear, grabbing 380/355 discs with (probably) as much ventilation as what a compact car's engine is getting.

Just like with the street car, McLaren claims to have achieved a much higher level of refinement with the GT3, giving drivers more interior space and ventilation for comfort, easier control through the multifunctional steering wheel and better drivability for those long hours during an endurance race.

Current 12C GT3 owners can start forking up a new pile of cash for 2015 since all the upgrades can be fitted to the older car, including the thiner carbon fiber body panels with the new front fascia.

While I don't like the road car's looks, I must admit this is pretty amazing. If you're at the Goodwood Festival of Speed right now, let us know how it sounds...