Watch A 28.5L Fiat Drive For The First Time In A Century And Be Afraid

The Beast of Turin Fiat record car will run up the hill with its 28.5 liter four-cylinder at Goodwood this summer at the Festival of Speed, and here’s its first drive in 104 years with Lord March himself in the passenger seat. It’s a loud one. » 3/31/15 8:35am Yesterday 8:35am

Watch A Gran Turismo 6 Ford Focus ST Take On The Real Thing

At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford ran an interesting experiment: they had a Gran Turismo 6 player race the revised 2015 Ford Focus ST against pro driver and former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins in the real thing. » 7/11/14 1:20pm 7/11/14 1:20pm

Let Stirling Moss Explain Why Your Next Summer Should Include Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a fantastic event which I sure regret missing this year, but here's another reminder for all of you out there in the same shoes. » 7/11/14 12:30pm 7/11/14 12:30pm

Watch Kenny Brack Floor This McLaren F1 GTR Long-Tail On Cold Tires

It's not every day one can go flat out with a McLaren F1 GTR Long-Tail, but Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack just got lucky at Goodwood. » 7/08/14 10:37am 7/08/14 10:37am

Can A Gran Turismo 6 Player Take Down The Stig In The New Focus ST?

Two racers enter, one racer leaves. The venue: The Goodwood Festival of Speed. The ride: the refreshed 2015 Ford Focus ST. The combatants: pro racing driver Ben "The Stig" Collins and Gran Turismo 6 player Krisztián Somodi. » 7/03/14 10:46am 7/03/14 10:46am

Here's Why Jay Kay Got A Kermit Green LaFerrari

Last time I checked, Jay Kay had a collection of about forty cars or so. As it turns out, Jamiroquai's main man has over a hundred in his garage by now, and the latest is a LaFerrari wearing the green of the Italian flag. Or Kermit the Frog, depending on how you think. » 6/30/14 8:05am 6/30/14 8:05am

Catch The Fourth Day Of The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Right Here

The fourth day of the biggest motoring garden party in the world is already well underway, thanks to those pesky time zones, and it's already a bit of a nutter. Al Unser's old IROC Camaro already had an off, and there's been battles between a McLaren F1 GTR longtail and a modified Maserati MC12. » 6/29/14 9:04am 6/29/14 9:04am

Richard Petty Reunited With His Record-Setting Race Car At Goodwood

You can see a lot of cool things at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, like supercars charging up the hill, or amazing sculptures, and it's all very European. Well, Richard Petty didn't get that memo because he, his Plymouth Belvedere GTX, and his hat brought the America. » 6/28/14 4:21pm 6/28/14 4:21pm

Here's The First Onboard Video Of The Nutso Koenigsegg One:1 At Goodwood

Koenigsegg brought not one, but two One:1s to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Yesterday we saw the first drive, but now we can see what it's like behind the wheel. Hint: It's a handful. » 6/27/14 4:59pm 6/27/14 4:59pm

Look At This Amazing 300 Foot Mercedes Sculpture At Goodwood

At this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed, Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 120 years of participating in motorsport. And they're doing it in a way that's about as subtle as the S-Class Coupe — with a nearly 300 foot arch over Goodwood House with two race cars driving on it. » 6/27/14 12:12pm 6/27/14 12:12pm

Watch The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Live Right Here

The Goodwood Festival of Speed presents the latest and greatest of the faster side of the automotive world every year as well as a bunch of classic cars with a massive pedigree. » 6/27/14 10:24am 6/27/14 10:24am

The 650S GT3 Is McLaren's Sinister Lightweight Hardcore Racer

With improved cooling and aero, more comfort for the driver and the option for existing 12C GT3 owners to upgrade to the new technology, the 650S GT3 shall be at a race track near you very soon. And it could be winning. » 6/27/14 9:10am 6/27/14 9:10am

2015 Ford Focus ST: This Is It

A nip here, a tuck there. The 2015 Ford Focus ST is still the ST you've come to know and love, just sharpened. Which means it's probably still awesome. » 6/26/14 6:07pm 6/26/14 6:07pm

This Is The First Drive Of The Ballistic 280 MPH Koenigsegg One:1

Earlier this year, we got a sneak preview of the Koenigsegg One:1 as it came together for its debut. Now Koenigsegg has two of them, and on the way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it got driven by someone outside of Koenigsegg for the first time. The verdict? Mind bending. » 6/26/14 5:48pm 6/26/14 5:48pm

The McLaren MSO 650S Spider Is Way More Special Than Your McLaren

Oh, you have a McLaren 650S Spider? How nice for you, I suppose. But for those of us who aren't on food stamps, meet the McLaren Special Operations 650S Spider. You can't even handle how bespoke it is. » 6/25/14 10:20am 6/25/14 10:20am

A 'New' Ford Focus ST Is Coming This Weekend

The Ford Focus ST has been in the habit of kicking the asses of all the other hot hatchbacks in its class as of late. It's powerful, it handles exceptionally well, it's practical, and it can be had in a very appealing shade of orange. Can it get any better? It might this weekend. » 6/23/14 2:48pm 6/23/14 2:48pm

Aww Yes: We're Finally Getting A Hardcore, High Performance Range Rover

Forget the tacked-together aftermarket garbage, Land Rover has just confirmed they're introducing a new Range Rover Sport variant with "More performance [added] to the mix. A lot more." Truck SUV YEAH! » 6/20/14 10:38am 6/20/14 10:38am