The Goodwood Greats is a brilliant collection of the rarest and most interesting cars shot by pro photographer Antony Frazer in a temporary studio set up in a tent next to the Goodwood paddocks. And the Beast of Turin was the most unreal sight on that stage yet.


It’s safe to say that the pair of wooden ramps leading up to the stage set up for the Goodwood Greats photoshoots have seen more money rolling on and off them already than any other wooden ramp in the world. But that means occasionally, they have to deal with real beasts too.

Duncan Pittway’s 28.4 liter Fiat record car barely fit the stage, but that’s okay. It’s barely a car that barely made it to the 21st century and it barely stops because it barely has brakes. But she still goes up the hill like if 1911 was only yesterday.


I did try to show you as many of this amazing machine’s details as possible, but at the end of the day, such a rush job is rightly out shined by Anthony’s stunning work. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Anthony Frazer via Goodwood Greats and Robert Stokes/Jalopnik


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