Remember the Youabian Puma? Chances are your subconscious mind has blocked it out thanks to millennia of evolutionary self-preservation, so let me refresh you: it's a massive brute that looks like a mutant leviathan carcass on a truck chassis. I was also threatened with a lawsuit because I said it was ugly.


This is the first time I've seen it in motion, and to be honest, it's not really doing this thing any favors. Unless, maybe, it's moving away from you. The video there has lots of loving, lingering shots of the beast as it lumbers down the PCH, and there must have been some skillful editing to take out the crowds of terrified beach-goers and sobbing children who were unfortunate enough to look right at it.

The video also suggests that there's three of these nightmares running around, in each of the primary pigment colors: red, yellow, and blue. A bit of further inspection shows that these other colors are clearly just Photoshopped, and we can all rest easily knowing that the blue beast is still the only Puma around.

I now eagerly await my next angry letter from Dr. Youabian.

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