The 2015 Chevy Colorado Will Cost $20,995, GMC Canyon Starts At $21,880

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We're finally going to be able to buy the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and its slightly-fancier brother the 2015 GMC Canyon soon... starting from $20,995 and $21,880 respectively. Are you still enticed by GM's answer to your demands for pickup truck downsizing?


My excitement for these trucks has been steadily rising since their introduction. I never thought much of the last Colorado/Canyon trucks, but I really like the look of both the Chevrolet and GMC iterations this time around.

The Colorado face is a touch complex for my taste, but it almost reminds me of the mid-2000's "angry-eyes" Silverado mug; still one of my favorite recent GM looks. While the Canyon is classic GMC (a giant chrome slab you could cook a cow on), miniaturized.

I've also been pretty happy with how GM has modernized their interiors for 2015; lots of clean lines with most buttons in the right places.

For comparison a 2014 Nissan Frontier starts at $20,510, with a V6 4X4 coming in around $26,000 and the "off-road" PRO-4X model just over $32,000.


The 2014 Toyota Tacoma technically starts at $18,125 for a stripped-down single cab, but most of the ones I see driving around are optioned to almost (or over) $30,000.


As for diesel pricing, we'll have to hold out for closer to that model's 2016 launch date.


Options like the V6 engine and longer beds will push the Colorado and Canyon close to $40,000, so competitive in class.


I'll finally get to drive the 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon in around two months and will be able to report back on how decent that price really feels.

Images: GM

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