New Nissan Frontier May Be Postponed To 2018, Based On Navara After All

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Rumor has it that Nissan has binned their plan to build an all-new mini-truck for the US market on an old Frontier platform, intimidated by the complication of bringing it up to modern safety standards. We might get a Navara-based truck after all, but we'll be waiting a while.

The Truth About Cars has a trusted source at one of Nissan's suppliers, and apparently through them have heard Nissan's plans to build a new ultra-cheap truck based on the old D22 platform has been scrapped and the company will use the just-revealed global Navara as the starting point for the next US market Frontier.


That being the case, ensuing production delays would mean we'll have the current Frontier for another four years. The damn thing is like The Simpsons of pickup trucks at this point. Maybe Nissan will make good by giving us a diesel version as a holdover.

TTAC is still confident the truck will be unique, at least in appearance; "The new truck will likely have a different look and stick to the original mandate of being akin to a modern-day Hardbody. But instead of actually being a a modern day Hardbody, it will be a revamped modern truck." they said.


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4 years?! GM will be onto their midcycle refresh on the canyorado and Ram might have an offering by then. Hell, even Toyota might have a new Tacoma out!