Chinese Off-Road Sports Car Concept Looks Like A Sweet Hot Wheels Toy

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Patent drawings said to come from a Great Wall subsidiary called Haval have surfaced, illustrating what looks like a lifted Porsche 928 with Ferrari-like snake lights and skid plates. Can't decide if it's a Rally Fighter knockoff or just a potential rival.


These images come to us from Tycho over at Car News China, who says this "sporty two-door 4x4" is expected to make a real-life appearance at the Guangzhou Auto Show in December. I'll be interested to see if those giant rims actually get off-road tires.

Nothing firm about engines or dimensions yet, but apparently Haval has a "3.0 V6 turbo that would fit in very well. The engine delivers 333hp and (355 ft-lbs) and is mated to an 8-speed automatic." It currently sees duty in the Haval H9 SUV.


Hat tip to Car News China!

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