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Firefighters Electrocuted Helping Marching Band's Ice Bucket Challenge

Two Kentucky firefighters were seriously injured yesterday trying to help the Campbellsville University marching band pull off a big Ice Bucket Challenge stunt, when the aerial ladder they were running was electrified by power lines.


The event was apparently taking place near the university stadium, where some 24 students were going to be hosed down from the extended fire apparatus.

No students were injured but the firefighters were airlifted to nearby hospitals and are still being treated. reports "Capt. Tony Grider, 41, and Simon A. Quinn, 22, were airlifted to the burn unit at the University of Louisville Medical Center. Grider was listed in critical condition Thursday night, while Quinn was in fair condition."


They also stated that two other firefighters, Capt. Steve Marrs, 37, and Alex Johnson, 28, were also shocked in the incident but "not seriously hurt" and were released after hospital treatment.

Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of the University, said "We express heartfelt sympathy and prayers for the families of the two firefighters who were injured," in a statement.

Allen Johnson, former chief of the Campbellsville fire department and the father of the injured firefighter Alex Johnson, told reporters Bill Estep and Jim Warren "That voltage will jump feet. Not inches — feet," and that the power line involved carried "69,000 volts."

Hat tip to Autovox!

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To the headline writer: They weren't electrocuted. They were shocked. There's a very sizable difference.