You Could Get The Sporty Ford Falcon GS With Sport Everything

The Australian Ford Falcon is dying out, which is sad, but it's had a long and storied past as a sedan with many sporting variants. Recently, you could buy packages like the FPV FG Falcon GT Boss 315, which is a mouthful, but back in the day, you could get every "sport" option individually.

You could get sport seats, sport steering, sport suspension, sport roof, sport carburetor, sport throttle body, sport brake rotors, sport transmission, sport driveshaft, sport engine, sport engine block, sport headliner, sport floorliner, sport dashboard, sport doors, sport indicators, sport dials, sport materials, sport trunk, sport people, sport life, sport badging, sport master cylinder, sport slave cylinder, sport pistons, sport exhaust, sport bumpers, sport headlights, sport paint, sport sun visors, sport transmission tunnel, sport exhaust manifold, sport crankshaft, sport connecting rods, sport disconnecting rods, sport seat brackets, sport upholstery, sport windshield, sport wheels, sport spoiler, sport power steering pump, sport pedals, sport switchgear, sport stripes, sport grille, sport mirrors, sport fenders, sport rust-proofing, sport license plate, sport wheelnut, sport door handles, sport windows, sport clutch, sport gearing, sport tires, sport oil pan, and sport brake lights.*


That's, that's about it.

*Note: probably not all actual options.

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