Regular Car Reviews needed a new car after their trusty old Toyota Echo was cruelly destroyed by fate. Thanks to you, they could buy a Honda Fit for $5,000 and a few gallons of silicone for significantly less. All is well.

The funny thing about the US version of the first-gen Honda Fit is that its panels actually didn't fit that well. That's why these cars leak like there's no tomorrow. Surprising, especially knowing that the European Fit - called Jazz - was considered to be one of the best small cars at the time and comprised 30% of all European Honda sales thanks to all those happy buyers.


Then again, the European Jazz also came with better engines than the Fit. Luckily, by the time of the second-generation US car came out, Honda managed to fix most problems simply by adding a few of thoughtful design features and tightening quality control.

Still, VTEC my ass.

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