I don't remember anybody ever asking me about how I feel about a TVR Griffith 400, which is a shame because I would invent a new world for awesome just for this fiberglass masterpiece. What overhangs?

While back in Britain, you could get yourself a TVR Grantura Series 3 1800S with a 1.8 straight-four, Jack Griffith of the Griffith Motor Company in Plainview New York jammed a 289 cubic inch Ford into the Grantura's enlarged engine bay after telling Carroll Shelby that his car could outperform a Cobra. He called it the Griffith 200.


The 400 was an upgraded version of that car with the same Windsor engine, improved cooling and unequal wishbone suspension in all corners. It also had a higher top speed thanks to different gearing. Needless to say, the Griffith 400 was a lighter car than Shelby's beefed up AC Cobra.

Only 59 were built before a dock strike ended the Griffith Motor Company as a manufacturer in 1967.

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