What The Hell Does Everyone Get Wrong About Eau Rouge? An Explainer

Man, people love to talk about Eau Rouge, that famous, demanding, and deadly uphill corner that defines the great Spa circuit of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. Except everyone it talking about the wrong corner.


As the video above explains, what you're talking about when you talk about Eau Rouge is the pairing of Eau Rouge and Raidillon. Eau Rouge is the little kink at the bottom that passes over the Eau Rouge (red water) stream, and Raidillon is the sweeping uphill right that used to have a wall on both the inside and the outside but now has a bunch of runoff everywhere that everyone takes flat out.

I'm sure you all appreciate how serious this is.

(via WTF1.co.uk)



As long as we're dwelling on Belgian/French semantics (and I'll be sure not to just call that Eau Rouge again, but rather RAIDILLON, like I'm Cajun Man) should people be properly calling it "Spa" or "Spa-Francorchamps"?

And what's the deal with "tout-de-suite"? I just say tout suite.

Last one, I promise. Just say sans "x" when you mean to describe something without something else. E.g.: Oh snap, left my wallet at my desk, hence I'm sans cash. Or: I'll take that wooler sans PCP, sil vous plait. Leave "the" out of it. Nothing sounds sillier than "I'll take coffee, sans the cream." "I prefer leather jeans, sans the ass." It's clunky. No "the." That's like full on midwestern or something. Glad we could have this chat.