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What Are Your Favorite Car Films Ever?

With the conversation about the Jalopnik Film Festival starting now, and lasting at least three months before the big day, we should start by compiling an official canon of all of our favorite car films, action sequences and clips. Think of these as the benchmark cuts.


As you're thinking about which of your favorites to pop into Kinja, here's one to get started. Naturally, it's Claude Lelouch's "C'était un Rendezvous." It's a fictionalized account of a man's race through the streets of Paris at 5:30 am, in a Ferrari 275GTB, to meet the love of his life (you know, for a rendezvous) at the Montmarte overlook nearby Sacré Coeur. You've probably seen it. See it again.


As the story goes, Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera onto the bumper of his Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 and then filmed a real, high-speed drive, and then dubbed in the sound of the Ferrari V12.

To think he could do the same thing today with a mounted GoPro doesn't make the original any less groundbreaking. Or foolhardy, if we're being honest. What are some others?

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Does The Big Bus count? Because the Cyclops was awesome.