The Ten Biggest Car Shows In The World

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With the Woodward Dream Cruise and Pebble Beach this past weekend, we here at Jalopnik have been thinking about car shows. These are ten of the biggest in the world.

10.) Rétromobile


The biggest car shows usually have one, maybe two auctions during the festivities. Retromobile in Paris had four auctions in 2014 with some of the finest cars in the world for sale.

Suggested By: UncleWalty, Photo Credit: Rétromobile

9.) AvD Old Timer Grand Prix

In 2013 this show brought 500 vintage race cars and 53,000 spectators to the Nürburgring for three days of heaven. Trust me, you want to go. Just watch this.

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: AvD

8.) Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix


Reader marshknute has been to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and can tell you why it's great.

"It covers an entire golf course in Schenley Park. It features both press cars and thousands upon thousands of personal vehicles, representing every make/model worth owning, in every color/spec.

It takes several hours just to view each manufacturer's sprawling collection and requires that you take shuttle busses to different parts within the park.

While all of that is going on, vintage race cars are competing in the actual Grand Prix. This circuit is a beautiful loop that snakes its way through the car show, around stone wall-lined hairpins, over bridges, and past the gorgeous Phipp's Conservatory."


Suggested By: marshknute, Photo Credit: PVGP

7.) Goodwood Festival Of Speed


The Festival Of Speed is certainly not the largest in the world, but where else will you see Sebastian Loeb and Richard Petty on the same course?

Suggested By: JayHova, Photo Credit: Surreal Name Given

6.) Pebble Beach Car Week


The invitation only Concours isn't huge in terms of numbers of cars, but all the hoopla surrounding it earns it a spot on this list. Besides the Concours you have auctions, vintage racing at Laguna, spinoff events like the Concours d'Lemons and Crash d'Concours, and the show in and of itself in the streets and parking lots.

Suggested By: TheCraigy, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

5.) Syracuse Nationals


This show claims to be the "largest in the northeast" and they're not wrong. In 2014 8,022 cars were displayed and 88,575 visitors attended.

Suggested By: Scootin159, Photo Credit: Nathan Bittinger

4.) Back To The 50s


This event produced by the Minnesota Street Rod association was good for 14,000 pre-1965 cars for their 2014 event. That's a whole lot of hot rods.

Suggested By: Jared Glentz, Photo Credit: Michael Hicks

3.) Corvette FunFest


Corvette FunFest in Illinois claims to be the largest Corvette show in the world, and regularly brings in 14,000 Corvettes a year.

Suggested By: BrianScalabrine, Photo Credit: MidAmericaMotorworks via YouTube

2.) Power Big Meet


This show is the largest gathering of American Cars in the world, with around 20,000 vehicles. Oh, and it's in Sweden. Seriously.

Suggested By: KnowsAboutCars, Photo Credit: John Backstränd

1.) Woodward Dream Cruise


With 40,000 and a whopping 1.5 Million attendees, the Woodward Dream Cruise is without a doubt, the biggest car show in the world.

Suggested By: CrzRsn, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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