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Every once in awhile, we're titillated by a new Ford Ranger pickup or Everest SUV caught cruising around here in the US. Is this beautiful "Wildtrak Orange" Ranger just a Ford staffer's transportation (probably) or a test mule for some new running gear?

Any time we see a Ranger here in America, it makes me think Ford may be evaluating some interesting changes for the truck even if those changes do not include preparation for the US market. The US has some good opportunities for high altitude and cold weather testing, conveniently located closer to some of Ford's facilities here than those abroad.

I can't think of a time we've seen this truck on American roads with no camouflage whatsoever, but it's not unheard of for current-model non-US market vehicles to be hanging out under the watchful eye of manufacturers.



Thanks to Louis M. for sending these in!