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What could only be a Ford Everest in camouflage was spotted this morning at Mt. Evans, Colorado by two different readers. We reckon it's only here for high-altitude testing, but it's possible the off-roadable SUV might be headed to the US. Or, perhaps, its cousin and perennial Jalopnik favorite: the Ranger.

It's similar to the prototype SUVs that were spotted in Arizona a couple weeks ago, but I don't think it's the same vehicle... unless those black tarps to a better job of hiding the shape.

At first I thought this might have been a Toyota Sequoia, but a close examination of the face has me convinced it can only be a Ford Everest.


I don't think Ford is bringing this vehicle to America, but it'd be a very sneaky way for Ford to prep the current global market Ranger for a triumphant return to the US. Can. You. Imagine!?

It's worth mentioning that a professional photographer sent us this batch of photos, claiming these SUVs are Ford Escapes and were spotted with a 2015 F-150. They look like they might be staged, and the shooter didn't ask us for any money so there's definitely a possibility these are (promotional)"leaks" from Ford.



Hat tip to Heather Stanfield Wilkinson of alpha Lyrae photography and Chris!