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2015 Chevrolet Silverado crew and double-cab trucks are getting "Rally Edition" options, which give the truck a body-colored grille, black bowtie badge, black trim and some sweet racing stripes.

You're not getting any extra power, but you're definitely going to feel faster looking down a hood with two big ol' stripes on it. That's been dyno-verified.


Joking aside, this actually looks pretty good. It's a nice alternative for someone who might gravitate toward the road-biased High Country but not be interested in the Boss Hogg-style bling.

The Rally Edition will come in a few variants for different trucks:

On the Silverado LS, the "Rally 1" includes the body-colored grille with black bowtie, black door handles and mirror caps and two black rally stripes.


Upgrade to the Silverado LT and "Rally 1" adds 17-inch aluminum wheels, a trailering package with a hitch and locking rear differential, rear defroster and backup camera.

Silverado LT also has a "Rally 2" option, which gives you all the above plus 22" inch black wheels and black tubular side-steps.


No pricing has been announced; probably more than a few feet of vinyl, but if GM comes up with a nice enough "RALLY EDITION" badge for the back this just might become a future classic! (Probably not.)


Double-cab Rally Editions can be ordered by Chevrolet dealers nationwide starting on September 4, crew cabs are coming in October.


Images: Chevrolet

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