There is an old adage that applies to buying things, especially used cars and that is, "Buyer Beware." I never thought that would mean, "Buyer Beware Of Fucking Snakes!" One UK woman just got a crash course in the updated mantra after she bought a used VW.


Charlie Wise purchased a pre-owned VW Golf for £200 pounds (aprox. $332). When she went to clean out the trunk she found a 3-foot boa constrictor. At first she thought it was a toy, but when the snake flicked its tongue, she did what most of us would do...she slammed the trunk and ran away. Charlie then called a friend of hers, who we can only assume is some sort of snake-whisperer, who wrapped the snake up in a towel and took the creature to a reptile rescue center.

Mrs. Wise immediately contacted the previous owner who said he had lost the snake when he was moving it to a friends house. The owner claimed that the boa was in a cage, but somehow escaped.

"I checked everywhere. I had ripped that car to pieces," he said. "I thought it must have got out. I wouldn't leave it."


Now I don't know what I would rather encounter after purchasing a used car, a giant snake or a phone full of kiddie porn...I think I'll take the snake.


(Photo Credit: AP)

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