Forget Pebble, 'International Nationals' Is The Best Car Show In August

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As returning readers will recognize, I'm pretty much obsessed with a little 4x4 called the International Scout. Mostly because they're just delightful looking, so I've spent all week pawing through these pictures from the biggest annual gathering of the trucks anywhere– generally known simply as "Nationals."


Which is kind of funny because "International Nationals" sounds kinda, I don't know, silly I guess? Maybe it's just me.


Sure, you can see exotics sell for obscene money in SoCal or hang out with some meticulously restored muscle cars at Woodward, but Scouts are trucks of the people. Even the most pristine examples are accessible cost-wise, and based on the interactions I've had with Scout owners (mostly via the many Scout Facebook groups I belong to) I bet they're more fun than whoever dropped $38 million on a Ferrari GTO.

2014 marks the 25th year of the show, which went down at the Waco historic airfield in Troy, Ohio. Check out some fantastic photo galleries right here and another here. Maybe you'll start to see why I can't get enough of these things.

The airfield took some aerial footage of the lovely lineup as well, how cool is that?


Award winners are listed here and "special awards" (people's choice, ect) are here.


Image: 1980 International Harvester ad

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