Aston Martin will bring four bespoke 'Q' cars to Pebble Beach including this DB9 Volante with a pink interior. I still prefer James Bond's Q's options.

Q for Aston Martin is what MSO is to McLaren, Designo to Mercedes-Benz or Individual to BMW. A touch of Rolls-Royce style bespoke goodness for lots of dollars, or whatever currency you prefer. Having said that, Q will do more than any of those companies, including building totally unique vehicles.


There's probably no better place on earth to show off what they can do than Pebble Beach, so Aston will send four cars to amaze the rich and/or famous. Let's start with my favorite, the V12 Vantage S the Joker would drive:

Amethyst Purple paint with bright Monterey Pearl front grille and rear diffuser, an Obsidian Black interior with Vivid Purple details and carbon fiber details such as the rotary controls which are each hand wound from a single filament of carbon fiber.

I would rock it.

I would also take their Vanquish Coupe, now that it's a properly fast car.

Painted in the Q exclusive Abor Orange and sporting lots of exposed carbon fiber, things gets even more exciting inside with an Obsidian Black leather interior that features a Helix design running all over the place, inspired by the carbon molecule helix.

Whatever, it's a great looking car.

It will do!

Those looking for a more conservative GT will love the topless version of the Vanquish.

Frosted Silver on the outside with a long light to dark travel, it features graphite-finished ten-spoke alloys exposing the polished brake calipers, Sterling Silver accessories and a classic Chestnut Tan leather interior with a clever storage package between the rear seats.

That's so many dead cows right there that I feel like a burger now.

Last but not least, let's go to Bentley territory with Q's DB9 Volante.

They call Ashen Blonde a "warm silver" while the interior is "blush pearl leather", with a Piano Ice Mocha facia.


It's pink alright, and if that's not enough for you, there's also a pink Rhodachrosite stone inlaid in the Q buckle badge strapped to the console. This must be their successful businesswoman edition.

That's all very impressive, but there's still only one Q Aston I truly desire...