While Aston Martin reportedly built 101 Aston Martin V12 Zagato road cars, as well as the two race cars named Zig and Zag, only two made it to the US so far. And there's only one for sale.

That not only due to its hefty price tag, but also because the V12 Zagato can only be brought to America under the Show and Display rules, meaning you can only drive them 2,500 miles a year. Still, it's worth the price.

First of all, you get a 6-liter Aston Martin V12 in the most beautiful wrapping ever. Secondly, this particular (no. 40) Midnight Blue example ticks all the right boxes.

It comes with a manual.


It has a handcrafted body made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

There's the V12 of course.


The color combination is perfect.

It has a funky roof.


And enough Zs to keep a 3-year-old busy finding them all.

It also comes with a Bang & Olufsen sound system...


an umbrella...

an integrated roll bar...


and a nice set of wheels too.

Furthermore, not only was it inspected by Phil Jefferies,


but, it also happens to be a very low milage car for a 2013.

Call me zany, but I would zoom-zoom it.

Time to make a withdrawal? Head over to Ebay!

Hat tip to The_Darker! Image credit: Aston Martin Washington DC via Ebay