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Tons Of Extra Cash For A Stupid Wing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I was reading the preview of Evo's review of the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, and looking at the pictures, I finally realized that the thing I like the most about it is that ridiculous rear wing. That piece of carbon fibre looks so out of place on the butt of a car that costs three times as much as a normal V12 Vantage that the idea to put it there sells the whole package for me. A bit of immaturity makes the V12 Zagato special.

Then I also started to wonder about another car I really like, the Lexus LFA. That is as perfect as they come in standard tune, but for and extra $70,000 over the base car's nearly $400,000 price tag, you could get the Nürburgring Package with ten extra horses and a giant wing at the back. While that completely ruined the minimalist styling of the base car, it also made it go faster. So I had to approve, because race car.


The LFA Nürburgring and the V12 Zagato are similar in many ways. One was limited to just 50 units, while the other to 101. The LFA is the more powerful, but the Zagato is the pretty one. Price wise, the Japanese car costs almost half of what the Anglo-Italian car does, but it doesn't really matter anymore: both were sold out not long after announcement, stupid wing or not.

And you shouldn't expect a good deal anytime soon thanks to depreciation... they're only going to get more expensive.