Update: The Detroit 'Bait Car' Is Now The 'Bait Bike'

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Our friend Andy Didorosi tells us that although the "bait car" we discussed here was a valiant effort, it could get him in some trouble. So here's take two: The bait bike.


The concept of the "bait bike" is essentially the same as the bait car: GPS tech will be added to bikes, and those stolen will be tracked to the thief's location, with the goal of possibly discovering other stolen bikes.


Here's what's different about this pilot: Didorosi and the team also want to distribute stickers to Detroit bike owners that warn potential thieves that those bikes might be tracked. And his team can build multiple bait bikes, instead of just one bait car.

We know bike culture is growing in Detroit despite it being the Motor City. And as bike culture grows, so does theft. I asked Didorosi if he had talked about his previous idea with the police, and he said they could offer no protection if something were to happen with a bait car.

That still applies to the bait bike. But, Didorosi says, "I believe we can make a larger impact equipping a fleet of bikes versus one car."


Here's the now-updated crowdfunding link. (If you donated to the bait car, Didorosi will happily refund).


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