Massholes: Boston Has The Worst Drivers In America

A round of congratulations is in order for Boston, which just supplanted Washington D.C. as the home to America's absolute worst drivers. Great job, Boston!


Bloomberg reports that Boston and Worcester, Mass. are the most crash-prone cities in the U.S, according to an annual study by Allstate Insurance. The study said that drivers in Worcester get into crashes every 4.3 years on average, and in Boston, it's just only slightly better at 4.4 years.

Last year's study named our nation's political and self-importance capital Washington D.C. as being home to the worst drivers in America. Somehow — and as a former resident and driver in D.C., I must add that I do not know how this is possible — D.C. has improved in the crash rankings, where drivers' average crash rate jumping to 5.1 years over last year's 4.8 years. In fact, this is the first time in seven straight years where D.C. wasn't at the bottom of the list.

The study does have one major flaw in that it only ranks markets where Allstate Insurance is sold. Massachusetts is a relative newcomer to the study, with Allstate only having returned to the area in 2009.

Once again, Fort Collins, Colo. was named the safest driving city in America with accidents every 14.2 years on average. In New York, crashes occur every 7.8 years on average.


Always trying to outdo New York, aren't you, Boston?

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