Aston Martin Has To Make These Deconstructed LED Tail Lights Happen

Aston Martin built sort of a modern Ford GT90 called the DP-100 for Gran Turismo 6. It's got a mid-engined twin-turbo V12, and it's never going to happen in this form, but I still want to see those taillights on their next production vehicle, because it's awesome.

When designers don't have to deal with any regulations or limitations set by tooling or budget concerns, the madness begins immediately and virtually nothing is impossible. Probably that's why Marek Reichmann and his team ended up with a mid-engined concept that's just as crazy as the original mid-engined Aston Martin concept we all love.


It's highly unlikely that could put such a car into production in the near future even if AMG could easily supply them with a twin-turbo V12, although the CC100 Speedster proved they got big enough balls to go a bit loco.

Either way, I want to see deconstructed LED tail lights on their next car. Is that too much to ask for?

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It's got nothing on Bertone/Alfa Romeo Pandion's stack of LED sticks.