​Watch The Aston Martin DP-100 In (Virtual) Action

We're evenly split on the design of the Aston Martin DP-100. The profile is slick, the back end is butch, and then you get to the front.


It's a mess of angles punctuated by those awkward, NACA duct style headlights and an Aston schnoz that looks like an afterthought.

But seeing the twin-turbo'd V12 beast run up the virtual hill of Goodwood and around Laguna Seca in Gran Turismo 6, the design starts to coalesce at speed. It's still not pretty, but it's purposeful, and while that's antithetical to modern Astons, it's something we could use more of.


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Flavien Vidal

When someone talk to me about DPs, I don't necessarily think about the racecars...