​Ford Focus ST Forum Complaints Spark Wiring Harness Recall

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For over a year, Ford Focus ST owners have been documenting dozens of cases of stalling and erratic engine behavior. After repeated inquiries by Jalopnik and Ford's own internal investigation, the automaker is issuing a recall for nearly 160,000 vehicles to solve the problem.


The recall affects certain 2013 and 2014 Focus ST hatchbacks, as well as the Escape SUV with the 2.0T engine. According to Ford, the irregular engine behavior was caused by a manufacturing issue with the wiring harness splices. Without the right amount of pressure, the splices send inconsistent signals to the powertrain's control module, causing the affected vehicles to experience drivability issues.

Ford tells Jalopnik that owners should expect a notice towards the end of September. But in the meantime, owners can go to this Ford sub-site and input their VIN to see if their vehicle is affected by the recall. The full text of the recall is below.

2013 – 2014 Focus ST and Escape Wiring Harness Recall

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 160,000 (actual 159,395) 2013 – 2014 Ford Focus ST and Escape vehicles with the 2.0L engine in North America. In some of the affected vehicles, there may be engine wiring harnesses with splices that were insufficiently compressed during the supplier manufacturing process. Insufficient compression in the engine wiring harness splices may cause erroneous signals to the Powertrain Control Module that may affect engine performance. This may result in an engine malfunction indicator light, reduced engine power, hesitation, other engine drivability symptoms or engine stall. Engine stalls while driving with no warning may increase the risk of a crash.

No accidents or injuries have been attributed to this condition. Dealers will replace the affected wiring splices.

Affected vehicles include certain 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST vehicles with the 2.0L engine built at Michigan Assembly Plant February 14, 2012 – October 14, 2013 and certain 2013-2014 Escape vehicles with the 2.0L engine built October 5, 2011 – April 1, 2013 at the Louisville Assembly Plant. As of July 31, 2014, approximately 133,000 of the potentially affected vehicles are in the U.S. (actual 132,868) with an additional 359 in the federalized territories. Approximately 25,400 are in Canada (actual 25,382) and 789 are in Mexico.

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Given the recent article about the Fiesta ST, do you think it's worth it to pay $2k more for the Focus ST? (That is the Focus ST without the My Sync package). The My Sync package adds about $4k, and I'm not sure how many models dealers have that are barebones. If you add in My Sync, the difference in prices between Fiesta and Focus is almost $7k.