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Ford Fiesta ST Vs. Fiat 500 Abarth: Which To Buy?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Car Wars is where we pit some of today's hottest cars against each other and then, in a commenting fight to the death, decide which one we'd buy. Today we have two of the best hot hatches ever sold in the United States, all for about the same price.

Ten years ago, the American hot hatch landscape was one of dust, tumbleweeds, and the occasional Volkswagen GTI. Sure, there was that weird little Civic Si back then, but it's not like it exactly went around winning hearts and minds. Nowadays we're practically swimming in the things, however, and it's left us with some incredibly difficult decisions.


Both the Ford Fiesta ST, commonly known among the staff and readers here as the FiST, and the Fiat 500 Abarth, commonly known among the staff here as the Fiat 500 Abarth, offer heaps upon heaps of fun for a surprisingly low amount of dollars.


The FiST starts at just $20,915, and for that you get, well, a lot, including nearly 200 horsepower in a car that is the size of a housecat. The Abarth is just a bit more, starting at $22,195, but I've heard rumors that dealers are giving the things away for much less than that. And with your hard-earned dollars, you'll be getting only 160 horsepower, but also one of the best exhaust notes this side of the Atlantic.

So right now we've got a cursed bounty. Both are great, and pretty much everyone that drives either one absolutely loves them. I've driven them both, and love them both, and so has my esteemed colleague, one Patrick George, who has driven them both, and loves them both.

But I love the Fiat more, and Patrick loves the Ford more.

Patrick George, my esteemed colleague, is wrong. On the other hand, if you asked him, he'd tell you that it is I, that is in the wrong.


We're going to hash this one out right here, in the comments, in strident and often bloody debate. Let us know which one you'd pick.