Working For Weeks To End Up With 2 Minutes Of BMW Action

The production value of car commercials is probably the highest in the industry, and BMW's Epic Driftmob is no exception. /Drive is here to show you what it takes to end up with a 2 minute video.


It starts with the concept of five precision drivers hooning five identical BMW M235is until everybody gets smoked. In practice, that translates to the last of the pre-production cars flown in from Germany, with no spares in sight. Crashing one is off the options list.

It continues with finding a large enough roundabout in a city that's willing to shut its roads for two days in return for a significant amount of Euros. But even in South Africa, you need cameras rolling when on location, so an equally sized parking lot is the only place where the drivers can practice before the chopper goes up.

Add $35,000 worth of burnt tires to the mix, plus logistics and the time it takes to cut and edit all the recorded material until it becomes a 2 minute commercial, and you realize it's been more than a week, part of BMW ad budget got spent and a six pack of good beer is definitely due to everybody in the team.

Don't try this in Virginia!

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