Here's Six Minutes Of Randy Pobst Driving A BMW Like A Madman

This weekend, Randy Pobst ran along with us in the American Endurance Racing series's first race. He won the first race handily. Here's how the pro did it.


This video picks up after he passed me for the lead and was just running like crazy out front, clicking off laps two to four seconds faster in this E36 than our trusty E30 could manage. We didn't stand a chance!


Good thing we managed to win on day two.

And at the end, he just has some fun. Randy is a damn good driver and a good guy. Can't wait to see him drive the BMW M1 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca next week!

Hat Tip to Josh!

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AER requires 180 minimum DOT tires, right? Any idea what he was on for this clip? Man he's fast - particularly in (and out of) T7.