Jump Into A Rare GT40 Roadster At Le Mans In The Wet And Be Terrified

This Linden Green 1965 Ford GT40 Mk1 is chassis number GT/111, one of only four roadster prototypes to survive. And fifty years later, it still goes flat out at Le Mans. In the rain. Sideways.

Back in 2011, GT/111 was a $3 million car. Mostly because the British only built five GT40 roadster prototypes, the works team only raced three and this car was one of them. It was also considered to be lost for four decades after Ford stripped it and a scrap merchant took the rest. It's quite a story.

What's more important than history though is that the car now belongs to the Silva brothers, who happen to be the sort of people who use a GT40 prototype as God intended: flat out in the rain at Mulsanne.

It was a wonderful race! i started in 3rd and ended up in 2nd. Unfortunately the GoPro that was pointing forward died after 15 min.. In The last part of the video you can see Mr. Voyasides (also in a 1965 Ford GT40) catching me in the last 3 laps and overtaking me in the last lap.


Lord March would approve.

Hat tip to Michael Hainey!

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The dash patting at 3:55 is absolutely precious.