Most Travelers Have Zero Loyalty To A Particular Airline

In a recent survey of airline passengers, results revealed that 63 percent travelers do not have a preferred airline. The survey, conducted for TheStreet also showed that only five percent choose flights based on receiving frequent flier miles.

Meanwhile, other things have a higher priority for those looking to buy plane tickets. Another recent survey showed that WiFi is so important to air travelers, that twenty two percent admitted to paying more for a flight that had WiFi. In this same survey, 66 percent of the responders also said WiFI had been a deciding factor when choosing an airfare.


In addition to the WiFi consideration, TheStreet's survey results showed that outside of the cost, twenty-eight percent chose flights for their non-stop service. A convenient departure time was the deciding factor for twenty percent. Airline reputation and frequency of service also ranked ahead of the need for loyalty program points or miles.

Source: Global Travel Industry News

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