Driving A Ferrari F40 In The Swiss Alps: There Is Nothing Better

You know, I've done some cool stuff in my time as an auto writer. That Bugatti Veyron I drove in Austin? That was awesome. So was pitting that SCCA race with Matt and Travis at VIR last year. But everything I have done — and maybe everything I will do — pales in comparison to what Henry Catchpole at EVO just did.


You see, Henry just did a road trip in a Ferrari F40. In the Swiss Alps. That's not "awesome." It isn't "cool." It's heaven. It's what I hope I get to do for all eternity after I die. (If I tried it in real life, it may even be how I die.)

Henry recounts his trip in this great video. While it's not a full on /DRIVE or XCAR style recount of the trip, it's accompanied by some great sound clips from inside the car and photographs, as well as his account of what it's like to drive such an amazing, legendary machine.

I'd say I'm jealous, but that doesn't need to be said.

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