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Gang Steals $10 Million In Chilean Airport Heist

Illustration for article titled Gang Steals $10 Million In Chilean Airport Heist

In the largest robbery in Chilean history, eight masked gang members held up a Brinks armored bank truck at Santiago's international airport on Tuesday, and made away with the Chilean equivalent of U.S. $10 million.


Security footage showed they came and went within two minutes. The thieves escaped in two unmarked vans, and supposedly scattered nails on the road along their path. They have not been caught, but The Chief of Security at the airport, Rolando Alegría has since been fired. Gee, ya think?

"In a case like this, the administrative area has responsibilities," said the Minister of Defense, Jorge Burgos.


Also, $1.6 million was stolen from the same airport cargo terminal in 2006. Robbers involved in that incident were captured and continue to serve time in prison.

Source: BBC

Top photo: Chilean currency, by Jennifer Martinez on Flickr (CC Commercial License)

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