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Billionaire Pizza Magnate's Son Is Quite The Aging Frat Boy

Illustration for article titled Billionaire Pizza Magnates Son Is Quite The Aging Frat Boy

Here at Gawker Media, we talk a lot about the Ilitch family, the Detroit powerhouses who are financing a hockey stadium on a bankrupt city's dime and make cheap pizza for the masses. One Ilitch scion is putting those funds to good use on hookers and blow.


Ronald Ilitch, the 57-year-old son of Detroit Red Wings/Little Caesars owner Mike Ilitch, was arraigned today on cocaine possession and soliciting a prostitute on 6 Mile McNichols and Grand River Avenues. That's not a terrible area for you outsiders; they're building a new grocery store there!

According to The Detroit News, the younger Ilitch — who also caught a domestic violence charge in 2006 — picked up a woman in his Corvette at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Ilitch's Vette had tinted windows, which are against the law in Michigan and can get you a nasty tongue-lashing from a state cop.

Cops found drugs in the car. If convicted, he'll likely get a slap on the wrist since he's a billionaire's son.


Screenshot via Fox 2

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Hey, at least the son of a Detroit billionaire drives a Corvette.