The 2016 Chevy Niva Will Crush Your Puny Western Compact SUVs

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GM operates in Russia as a joint venture with local outfit AvtoVAZ, selling the Chevrolet Niva based on the "classic"/archaic Lada Niva. For 2016 they're modernizing the design, and if this concept slated for the Moscow Auto Show is to be taken seriously, it's gonna be jacked up and ready to hit the snow.

It looks like this little monster is lifted and fitted with some aggressive tires, a snorkel, front skid plates and recovery points. I'm not sure if they're planning on going up against the Jeep Renegade in the new adorable "off-road" segment or this concept will just be to attention-whore at the auto show (probably the latter) but it does look fun to thrash.


Sounds like GM-Autovaz General Director Jeffrey Glover is just saying the new vehicle's going to be modernized, but don't worry, we're not dropping four-wheel-drive:

"The design of the new car will be much closer to our new line of Chevrolet models. At the same time, the concept's tougher appearance and characteristics suggest that it will continue to be a real NIVA".

Carscoops,World Car Fans, and seem to agree that the new car get a 1.8 135 horsepower engine to replace the current model's 80 hp unit and is slated for a 2016 release.

Apparently the current-gen Chevy Niva isn't selling too hot right now, with total sales at about 23,500 for 2014 so far. That's 21% weaker than last year, according to Wroom. They put the retail price of the vehicle at about half a million rubles, or just shy of $13,000 in American money.


The Chevrolet brand is pulling out of Europe by the end of next year, but will continue operating in Russia.


Images: GM

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