Malaysia Air Passenger Accuses Flight Attendant Of Sexual Assault

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Malaysia Airlines has suffered yet another public relations black eye, as a passenger has accused a flight attendant of sexually assaulting her during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris.

An Australian woman complained about the "inappropriate sexual behavior" after Malaysia Airlines flight 20 landed in Paris on August 4th. The woman says she had expressed apprehension about flying the troubled airline to the purser (the head flight attendant) who then sat beside her under the guise of comforting her.

The airline has vowed to cooperate with French authorities during the investigation, saying:

"The safety, comfort and well-being of our passengers is always our highest priority. Malaysia Airlines expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously."


After the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in March, and the shoot-down of flight 17 in July in eastern Ukraine, the airline is on the brink of financial collapse. It was recently announced that the airline will be privatized and restructured, in an effort to return the carrier to profitability. But even if it's given a makeover from the inside-out, can Malaysia Airlines regain the trust of the traveling public?

Source: 3News

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They're just going to rename the airline and 99% of passengers will be none the wiser. It's worked before and it will work again.