Indy 500 Champ Says NASCAR Drivers Can Have A Beer Belly

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Three time Indy 500 winner and Dancing With The Stars champion Helio Castroneves is a model of physical fitness. But he also says that while IndyCar stars are slim, NASCAR drivers can have a bit of a beer belly.


Racing, though it might not look like it from the outside, is one hell of a physically demanding sport. Instead of outright strength, it takes high levels of endurance in order to compete at the top of your game for hours at a time with high G-Forces and in brutally high temperatures.

Castroneves is in LA this week along with the rest of the IndyCar circus for the season finale in Fontana. Of course, that means TMZ had to go to the racetrack, where they learned that Helio likes blondes and is also of the opinion that some NASCAR stars can get a bit of a beer belly.


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Well he isn't wrong. The interior of a DW-12 is far more compact than that of a Cup car. Just look at JP Montoya's weight loss in order to go back to Indy from Nascar.

Also, the whole Indycar vs Nascar "rivalry" really makes no sense. It is primarily Indy drivers/fans talking shit about Nascar for no real reason other than jealousy of success.